Are You a Bodybuiding Hardgainer?

Are you one of those people who go regularly to the gym, eat the correct diet and follow all the rules of bodybuilding, but still find it extremely difficult to put on the muscle mass you desire? Then relax, you’re a hardgainer, and it simply means that you need to put more effort than others to build your muscles to their desired look. Most hardgainer’s have difficulty putting on muscle mass and this can be due to a lack of protein, carbohydrate and vitamin intake when bodybuilding.

Now don’t get me wrong, I understand that if you are practicing the super intense sport of bodybuilding, you are probably already exerting yourself to the limit in your daily exercise regimen and you are eating the ‘correct ‘ foods, but it has been a few weeks and your body is not showing you the results you desire. Hence the problem!  You’re a hardgainer and therefore you need to review your daily routine in order to ascertain what is causing your body to develop in such a slow manner.

Your metabolism plays an important role in the building of muscle mass, sometimes the incorrect intake of proteins or vitamins may be the cause. You might be eating the correct foods, but your body might be burning of the calories faster than they need to.

Don’t Overtrain

It may be that you are overexerting your muscles in training and not giving them enough time to recover. Muscles need to relax and recover for a period of time, so that stressed muscles can regain their original shape and then only will they grow bigger. So it is important to understand that there are various factors which contribute to the development of muscle mass and these factors need to be highlighted and focussed on if you want to reach your dream body.

Supplements May Help Compliment Your Bodybuilding Efforts

Many professional bodybuilders use supplements to assist them in gaining muscle mass. Muscle building supplements are not miracles in a bottle so it is important to understand that as their name suggests, they are merely used to supplement protein and vitamins in your diet. Check the meaning of supplement and you will see that it means add to or increase to an existing. In the case of bodybuilding this would mean to add to your existing diet in order to increase or add on to the amount of proteins and vitamins that you are currently consuming through your special diet. Supplements will work if you use them while you maintain a healthy exercise routine, take in the correct amount of calories, get enough sleep (up to 8 hours at night) and avoid harmful substances such as alcohol. The best part is that there are supplements which target specific areas of your development and work in conjunction with the activity that you are participating in, in order to develop your muscle mass. In order to increase your body mass through the use of supplements you can follow the simple plan outlined below:

1. Eat proteins every three hours and ensure that you take your protein supplements as well. A good dietician can help you to calculate the correct intake of both the food protein as well as the chemical supplements in order to ensure that you take the correct amount according to your body mass index.

2. Eat nine to ten servings of fruit and vegetables per day and supplement with a good multivitamin.

3. You can help to improve muscle development by including a good testosterone booster in your daily supplement intake, and this will help to support both hormone levels as well as lean muscle development.

4. Your body needs the correct amount of rest in order for muscles to develop, as mentioned before, eight hours of sleep is vital in good muscle development and you can help improve muscle growth by including nitric oxide boosters to your daily intake of supplements in addition to the well needed rest.

5. Lastly, there are a variety of different protein shakes and powdered mixtures that you can take to supplement your calorie intake. However, remember to give yourself the correct amount of calories before you can use any protein drinks.

These tips are just a guide to help you improve your muscle mass, it is important to remember though, that without the correct diet, exercise and rest, supplements will not provide the desired effect. Remember bodybuilding is an exact science and a unique discipline, in order to reach your ultimate goal you need to put in the effort, and when effort is made on anything, beautiful results always follow.